Songbird Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor serving individuals, small businesses and institutions.

We are independent and fee-only so that our interest is entirely aligned with our clients.

We focus on clients’ needs to craft investment plans specifically designed to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Why portfolio approach?

Portfolio approach to investing has been proven to be a prudent and sensible approach to achieving long term financial results. With its focus on asset allocation, it becomes more important in the current market environment…

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Why Songbird?

At Songbird, we create tailored low cost and diversified investment programs to help our clients to grow their assets with confidence. As an independent and fee-only adviser, Songbird’s interests align with clients. We bring experience in research, portfolio and risk management for institutional investors to our investors.

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How to work with Songbird?

Schedule your complementary meeting to review and prioritize your financial goals. Songbird’s investment manager will create a tailored investment program to match your financial goals.

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