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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your fee schedule and investment minimum?

We use a sliding fee schedule as follows:
First $500,000 at 0.8%
From $500,000 to $10,000,000 at 0.6%
Over $10,000,000 at 0.4%

Assuming a $2,000,000 asset account, the effective fee would be 0.65% which is 30% lower than the industry average. The fee schedule above is quoted as an annual fee. We typically charge pro-rated management fees directly to clients’ accounts monthly in advance.

The minimum monthly fee is $333 or the minimum asset of $500,000 to establish a client relationship with Songbird.

The minimum size of asset is $500,000 to establish a client relationship with Songbird.

What separates you from other financial advisors?

  • Expertise in investment analysis, research and risk management.
  • Tailored investment programs to meet clients' financial goals.
  • Value creation through strategic allocation and investment selections.
  • Cost efficient portfolios to help clients retain and grow wealth over time.
  • Portfolio approach to investing has been proven to be a prudent and sensible approach to achieve long term financial results. With its focus on asset allocation, it becomes more important in the current market environment.

What is Differece Between a Fee-Only and a Fee-based Financial Adviser?

Fee-only advisers charge the management fees for providing clients invesmtent advisory services. The fees they charge their clients are the only source of revenue. Fee-only advisers do not sell products, take commissions or share any type of fees or take compensation from brokerage firms or mutual fund companies.

Fee-based advisers can take commissions and share sale charges or be compensated by brokerage firms and mutual fund companies for selling their products.

We believe that as a fee-only adviser our interestes fully align with our clients and foucs on the best interst of our clients.

What is your investment philosophy?

We endeavor to create cost-efficient, diversified and tailored investment programs to our investors and help them achieve their long-term financial objectives. For more information, please find out at

Our Process

Investment Management

Is Songbird a broker dealder?

No, Songbird is not a broker dealer.

Where is my money held?

Our clients' assets are held with Charles Schwab & Co., which is the custodian and the broker dealer for our clients' accounts. Songbird is an independent investment adviser and is not associated with Charles Schwab although we use Schwab Institutional platform to manage our clients' assets. Schwab provides technology and operational support to Songbird. Songbird does not receive any type of monetary compensation from Schwab. For detailed disclosure, please refer to Firm Brochure (Form ADV2).

How will songbird manage my assets? Do I participate in day to day investment decisions?

Songbird manages clients' assets on a discretionary basis. Our clients grant us trading authority when they hire us to manage their portfolios. Songbird's investment usually determines the asset allocations based upon a client's specific situation and creates a model portfolio for the clients. When implementing the investment portfolio, Songbird's investment manager will determine the timing and the size of purchases or sales. Clients will receive detailed trade confirmations directly from Charles Schwab on all purchases/sales.

Why did songbird choose Charles Schwab Institutional Platform to manage clients' assets?

Charles Schwab has a long histroy and a good reputation for serving independent advisers. Its advanced technology platform, quality servcies and competitive fees are the main resasons we selected Charles Schwab Insitutional Platform to manage our clients' accounts.

Does Songbird have access to my assets?

Songbird does not have access to clients' assets. Clients only grant Songbird authority for trading and the deduction of management fees from the accounts.

Will Schwab send me statements to help with tax preparation?

Charles Schwab, as a custodian, will provide tax statement at year end to help with your tax preparation.

Let's Get Acquainted

We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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